Real Estate Broker Course

Join hundreds of other real estate agencies to receive the right training to become a real estate broker in the UAE! Learn the essentials of selling, negotiation, lead generation, laws and more.

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Real Estate Broker Course

Learn all the essentials for becoming a broker to elevate your career and success!

Broker Beginner’s Course

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About the Course

The program is tailored to provide a recognized qualification for real estate professionals to work in Dubai’s real estate industry, and it covers the Dubai market, ethical standards, essential skills, and the systems and roles that support brokerage businesses. Our aim is to empower our students with the confidence and ability to overcome any challenge they may face in their real estate careers, including passing the RERA exam.

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Areas covered


Insight into the sales Process, Real Estate Sale Cycle, Sales Models


Learn about the Guidelines for Brokers to apply for contracts and technical Brokerage Concepts and Definitions


Practice in line with regulations and learn about the Code of ethics and The Do’s and Don’ts for Real Estate Brokers


The importance of real estate professionals for the real estate sector growth


How does the governance of the real estate professions contribute to the development of the sector?


How does the performance of real estate professionals and their expertise contribute to achieving customers satisfaction?

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